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February 23, 2014 at 10:18 pm

Over the last few months I’ve been using a number of different tools for creating and delivering presentations – partly to introduce training sessions and partly to demonstrate a range of tools and support those attending the training to consider when and how they might use the tools themselves. I plan to add a range of examples here over then next few blog posts beginning with these examples created with which is now both a mobile app and a web app. The great thing about the tool is how easy it is for non-specialists to create extremely professional looking presentations and either deliver those via or embed in a blog or vle etc or indeed export in various formats including PDF or PowerPoint for continued editing. Here’s a couple of simple examples that I’ve used recently:

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

Of course as you may know I’m a regular Xerte user and like most online tools Haiku Deck presentations can easily be embedded within your Xerte LO’s.

More examples to follow.


July 26, 2010 at 9:30 am


About these and screencasts

I’ve been working independently and with TechDis and Nottingham University helping to develop, promote and support Xerte for quite a while now so it seemed appropriate to establish a dedicated Xerte page linking to various resources and examples etc.

Tools & TerminologyI started to put some video tutorials together partly to support my f2f sessions but also for the wider benefit of the Xerte community. The introduction and first episode in the series covers the Tools & Terminology, aimed at teaching staff rather than developers and introducing the various tools and terminology. The original collection of screencasts and other resources have been available for quite a while now but I plan to add a number of additions over the next few weeks and months so check back regularly.

If you’re interested in using my services for Xerte training, customisation, additional templates, learning object development please contact me via my contact page.


Tools & Terminology

The first episode in the Quick and Dirty Xerte series, aimed at teachers rather than developers and introducing the differences between the different tools in the Xerte suite as well as some of the key terminology…

The Text pages

An introduction to each of the page types available via the Insert – Text menu. This is aimed at teachers and those new to Xerte Online Toolkits….

The learning object icon properties

A tutorial covering the default and optional Online Toolkits icon properties including suggested changes to the default properties and why…

The Graphics and Sound page

An overview of the much used Graphics and Sound page…

Using XOT with part 1…

The first part in a 3 part series about using XOT with

Using XOT with part 2…

The second part in a 3 part series about using XOT with Moodle…

Using XOT with part 3…

The third part in a 3 part series about using XOT with Moodle. This will cover the specifics of SCORM tracking with the Quiz page type

Coming soon…

Morphing Image page

An overview of the Morphing Image page…

Exporting and re-editing LO’s

A comprehensive demonstration of the powerfull exporting, re-editing and ’round trip authoring’ functionality built-in the the Xerte suite of tools…

Related and other Resources

Other related links are:

My blog posts categorised as Xerte.

The Xerte homepage at the University of Nottingham

Example of the main XOT template page types

Xerte Technical mailing list at University of Nottingham Technical mailing list

Xerte for Teachers mailing list

My youtube channel

Community Reflections…



Student Reflections

A great video put together by Vikki Liogier, Souad Kouachi and students at Epping Forest College where Students are creating LO’s for their peers, presenting and then testing understanding and learning…


These are examples of customisations I’ve provided for various organisations either as part of training sessions or contracted development work… (Note: This section is still being updated)

JISC Techdis ITQ

JISC Techdis ITQ in Accessible IT Practice

This includes a colour scheme and gradient to match the new JISC Techdis logo and to complement the ITQ in Accessible IT Practice Moodle

View example


As part of a day’s training a quick theme was created including converting the Birkbeck logo to .swf format.


The MoLeNET Xerte installation introduced a lot of people to the benefits of Xerte Online Toolkits. The installation was branded to match the MoLeNET Moodle and MoLeNET logo.


Another theme to match and existing Moodle theme complete with logo appearing by default.

East Riding College

As part of a day’s training for staff new to XOT I created a theme matched to the college logo so that even LO’s created during the training were ready to go with appropriate branding.

Learning Apps

A green and black theme to match the company Moodle and other systems.


During training I use a range of themes and styles to demonstrate the flexibility and extensibility.

QR Code

I developed a custom page type a few years back to automatically generate a short url and QR code. This is now part of the Notts download.


For those using the service this is a page I developed to provide an optimised view of textwall message via the rss feed.

Bleeding image/Advanced image

Another page type I developed which is now part of the Notts download. This enables more flexible positioning of images which can ‘bleed’ off one or more edges of the stage.

Compare Answer

This has been a very popular page type in the Xerte installations I look after but isn’t part of the Notts download. The functionality includes automatically copying the question, student response and pre-prepared answer to the clipboard as well as a seprate compare answer results page.


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September 26, 2008 at 7:28 pm

You’ll find examples of training past and present as blog postings here on as well as our other sites and training specific blog posts can be found via the Training tag.

Training provided has and can include the following:

VLE training – technical and pedagogy

e-learning and m-learning technical, authoring, pedagogy, strategy

Use of IWB’s and other classroom technologies, VLE’s, e-portfolios, Video, Audio, Digital Imaging

Accessibility – including authoring accessible content

Xerte training – f2f, online and as more formal courses

Taking screenshots on iPhone and iPod Touch

September 25, 2008 at 9:18 am

I was looking for a way to capture screenshots on my iPod touch and started searching online for a solution. I was assuming that I needed to download an application of some sort but then I found a video tutorial on technorati showing how easy it is using the latest iPod Touch software. Basically it’s get to the screen you want to capture, hold in the menu button then quickly press the on/off button and that’s it! The screen goes white momentarily and the image gets stored in a saved images directory in the main images directory. The clips below shows this in action.

There’s some example screen shots in my posting about the iPod Touch WP theme and App.