Can we still use Gabcast for free?

March 9, 2009 at 3:34 pm

There’s been some interesting discussion about this recently and after a test or two I’m still not sure!

Dave has blogged about this here: and there’s been various discussions on Jaiku and by email. Dave’s post included details of the SipBroker number so I just tested that on a gabcast channel I set up previously and initially for a session I delivered to a PGCE group. I hadn’t used that for a while and so logged in and noticed my accounted details showing 5 minutes remaining. So I concluded that even if I connected for free via a SibBroker number that my remain minutes would reduce by the length of the recording. The reason I’m now not sure about all this is that so far the minutes haven’t reduced!

Here’s my test via the Birmingham SipBroker number:

Gabcast! PGCE #27

and here’s the full player for this PGCE channel:

I guess I’ll also have to check my next mobile bill to see if the SipBroker number actually cost anything!