October 1, 2008 at 5:52 pm

In addition to the summary below you’ll find examples of additional consultancy work, past and present, as blog postings which can be found via the Consultancy tag.

Consulty services has and can include the following:

  • Advice on e-learning/mlearning strategy
  • e-learning/m-learning coaching
  • Sharing effective practice
  • evaluation, reports assistance with bid writing
  • Development support

Consultancy work includes/has included:

Specialist MoLeNET Mentor for LSN
Supporting MoLeNET projects as well as developing, managing and supporting the molenet projects moodle.

eCPD Programme Facilitator for BDP
Coaching, Mentoring and supporting Professional Development Advisors (PDA’s) and delivering training at regional events. More info at

Associate e-Learning Advisor for JISC RSC-London
Working as an Associate e-Learning Advisor with a current focus on a series of online events prceeded by online debate and discussion. More info at

e-learning & m-learning consultacy for Tower Hamlets College
Despite leaving my full-time post last summer I’ve still been helping THC with e-learning and m-learning developments including a successful MoLeNET bid and subsequent project activity, Moodle developments and training and SharePoint training.

Other work includes: Promotion and support of Xerte with TechDis and the team and Nottingham University, bespoke training for various colleges, support agancies and commercial organisations including VLE Training.


September 26, 2008 at 5:37 pm

After 30 odd years working in education and the field of educational technology it’s difficult to break down possible services into just a few categories but I guess on the other hand it’s easy! e.g. The broad categories of services I can offer are:

e-learning and m-learning

and then sub-categories of training, development and consultancy.

You’ll find lots of examples of services provided via the history of blog posts but if you’re looking for e-learning/m-learning support of any kind use the contact page and we can discuss your requirements.